I treated myself to some filters for my camera after Christmas, namely a 10 stop ND filter and a polarising filter with holder. I couldn’t justify Lee filters so I had heard some good reviews of the SRB Elite filter system so I thought I would give them a try. Both of these filters screw into the filter holder and then you can get an adaptors for various sized lenses.

I wanted to try them out so when we got a dry morning I went to Sturminster Mill to have a practice. The river was running well and running over the sluice gates, so I didn’t attempt to go across to the other side!

I spent a good hour experimenting with them both and when I processed them at home I was pleased with my first attempts. 

I was unfortunate that all the banks of the river had been cleared from the bridge towards the mill so the lead up to the mill was very bland, never mind it’s not too far for me to go again!

f11 ISO 100 55mm 30 seconds 10 Stop ND filter
f11 ISO 100 28mm 32 seconds 10 Stop ND filter Silver EFex pro for  Black and White conversion
Sturminster Mill
f11 ISO 100 45mm 1/25 sec Polariser filter
Path to the Mill
Path to the Mill  – f8 ISO 100 20mm wide angle lens 1/60 sec 
Sturminster Bridge – f11 ISO 100 32mm 1/25 sec Polariser filter
Sturminster bridge – f11 ISO 100 75mm 1/80 sec Polariser filter

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