I always enjoy visiting Stourhead gardens in the autumn, trying to catch the colours at the right time. The weather looked good for Saturday 27th October. I was hoping to book in the camper van in the small caravan site for the night but it was full which was a shame, probably as it was half term. I woke up early and headed off leaving Rod in charge of our two dogs, Tilly and Mia. I went early in the morning to be there for the dawn and to miss the main of the visitors  who like me go there for the spectacular colours. It is always a risk as the weather is unpredictable at this time of year, but I wasn’t disappointed, a lovely clear morning with a tiny bit of breeze on the lake. The lake was looking so much better than when I went in the summer, the weed had gone and the water level was up.

I arrived well before dawn so it allowed me to have a look for ideas for compositions before the sun came up. I noticed the moon above the Pantheon so that was my first picture. I should have set up my tripod hence the high ISO but the image is acceptable.

Moon above the Pantheon
Moon above the Pantheon – f/4L at  F11 1/40sec ISO 3200 fl 28mm

I climbed up to the Temple of Apollo, I just love the view looking over the lake, this time I used my tripod!

View from the Temple of Apollo
View from the Temple of Apollo –  F11 1/4sec ISO 400 fl 45mm
View from the Temple of Apollo
View from the Temple of Apollo – Lens EF24-105mm f/4L at  F11 0.3sec ISO 400 fl 24mm

It was getting close to the time when the sun would be lighting the tops of the trees so I made my way down again at got in a position looking at the Pantheon from the other side of the lake. The sun hitting the trees was stunning looking like burnished gold.

View across the lake to the Pantheon
View across the lake to the Pantheon –  f/4L at  F11 1/10sec ISO 400 fl 24mm

Changing the view a little I took a couple of images through the island with the Pantheon just peeping through. the lovely light and reflection and of course the trees was stunning, there was a tiny bit of mist rising from the lake, I would have enjoyed seeing a little more!

Classic Stourhead
Classic Stourhead view just has to be done!

I had a lovely couple of hours wandering and got home for a welcome breakfast and cup of tea!

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