At the end of June I was coming down the Blandford bypass from the Sunrise roundabout when I spotted a different coloured field above Durweston. I had to go and investigate and in the afternoon I went up with Tilly to Norton woods, which the field borders and discovered it was a field of pale pink Poppies. The farm where they are grown is the farm where I was born, at Traveller’s Rest.

I know the area quite well and knew the best place to be for the sunrise. So I had to be up early the next day as it was just past the longest day and Summer solstice. I think I left home around 4.15am to get there and walk to where I wanted to take my images and set up my tripod and check the lighting etc. Tilly was quite happy to come along for a walk at that time.

It was lovely and quiet and I got myself set up with my tripod and also my Lee soft graduated filters to balance the dark land with the bright sky and took a few practice shots before the sun came over the horizon. I was glad I made the effort it was so nice watching the sun peep over the horizon and soon climb in the sky.

I was pleased with the images but wished for a little cloud in the sky, but what I liked most was the sunlight shining on the Poppies and picking out the hairs on the stems. I didn’t get back again to take more images as the Poppy flowers are very fleeting and soon over, but I was lucky to catch them more or less at their peak.

Tilly was very patient and after the sunrise we both went for a walk round Norton woods.

Click on an image for a bigger view.

Sunrise 05.15
Sunrise 05.20
Sunrise 05.27
Sunrise 05.31
Sunrise 05.37
Towards Durweston
Towards Durweston
Across to Hambledon Hill
Across to Hambledon Hill

2 thoughts on “Poppies

    1. The poppies are grown as a crop and are Opium poppies, they were grown under licence for the NHS but now more likely to be used in the bakery industry, like poppy seed loaves etc.
      The lovely red poppies are wildflowers and grow on land that has not been disturbed and then ploughed over as in the First World War when the land was disrupted with shells trenches etc. the Poppies grew and that is why the poppy is symbolic to us as a healing remembrance of the conflicts.
      I hope that helps.

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