I’ve always promised myself to go to Arne in the evening to take some landscape images across the heath particularly when the heather is out during July/August. This year I made it in early August with a friend. We set off from home around tea time and got there when almost everyone had gone home, just a few keen wildlife watchers about.

We were going to concentrate on landscape images but a man took us in the undergrowth to show us a Raft Spider! We were pleased to be shown it as they are very rare and an endangered species, not easy to see in the pond. I was taking a picture of a leaf until I realised it was not the spider!

Any way we got back on track although we had an eye out for any wildlife, it was a warm night and very quiet we did have a glimpse of Sika deer but that was all.

It wasn’t the best sunsets, we could have done with a little cloud, but the heather was stunning and we got some images before and just after the sunset and I was pleased with the few photos I took.

Raft Spider
Before sunset Coombe Heath, Arne
Coombe Heath, Arne
Before sunset Coombe Heath, Arne
Sunset Coombe Heath, Arne


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