On the last day of August I spent a fantastic day at Dean Mason’s Windows on Wildlife Woodland Wildlife hide and Reflection pool.

I’d been waiting a long time to visit as Dean was well booked up due to Covid, but it was worth the wait. August is not the best time for birds as the breeding season is just over and many are going through a moult, but I decided it was still worth a day’s outing. The hide was well set up with gimbal heads on a shelf stand to put the camera on, which you could move from window to window which meant relaxing photography, holding a camera for eight hours would have been very tiring. Eight hours is the time I spent in the hide and there was activity all the time plenty to see and enjoy as you will see from the gallery below. Some birds weren’t looking at their best, but it was so nice to observe and take images of them close by.

There were plenty of props and setups to be able to take the birds with a different background and some lovely weather worn posts to complement the wild birds. I can’t really say which was my favourite bird, wonderful to see a Siskin close although it decided to stay on the feeder! The Jays were great as they are usually very shy and it’s difficult to get close to them, but they came in at times most of the day, also being able to get close to Nuthatches they popped in throughout the day. 

I had a packed lunch and there were facilities to make a cup of tea, so it was so nice to be in the peace and quiet, and it was quiet, no traffic noise and the day went too quickly. I’ve already booked a visit for February when there may be some different species around and I’m looking forward to that!

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