The two Butterflies that have faired better than nearly all of the Butterflies in the Big Butterfly Count this year have been particularly the Large White and then the Small White to a lesser extent. I’ve certainly noticed them in my garden and across the Maize crop at the back of our house, although I’m a vegetable gardener I have welcomed them, there has not been too much damage to my crops. I always plant lots of Nasturtiums alongside the vegetables and they lay their eggs on them as well as the Cabbages, which never seem to do well in my garden anyway, so I sacrifice them to the Caterpillars.

The Butterfly count is interesting reading, they do remark that maybe many Butterflies were missed because of the early hot weather, I hope that is true. I noticed the Small Tortoiseshell was down -41% but we had a good population in our garden, the most I’ve ever seen.

Back to the Whites, I had a little bit of fun while having a tea break in the garden away from Kitchen building just sitting on the bench trying to capture the White Butterflies flying in and out to the Verbena bonariensis, it’s good practice as you are never sure where and when they are going to move.


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