Another cold bright day on the 3rd January so we decided to take another trip down to RSPB Radipole and Lodmoor. It was very still so we were hoping to see the Bearded Tits. We weren’t disappointed as we walked along the path we spotted a small flock eating the seeds on the reeds, unfortunately they decided to feed where we had to look at them into the sun but we spent some time watching them until they moved off further into the reeds.

Bearded Tit

As always there were Robins about, I can’t resist them they always are close to you as you walk along the path, one even took food from a ladies hand.

Always a Robin!

There was plenty of other wildlife to see including a couple of Rats on the concrete bridge, clearing up the bird food I expect.


There were Morrhens on the path in front of us as we walked along usually very nervous but seemed quite happy until we got close.


It was nice to see the little Hooded Merganser by the bridge, we haven’t seen it the last couple of times we have been to Radipole.

Hooded Merganser

We went over to Lodmoor afterwards but it was very quiet as the water was completely frozen, I presume the birds had flown to less icy fields. We did see a couple of Snipes and Kingfisher, Teal and Mallards and we just spotted a Marsh Harrier in the distance, he soon disappeared in the reeds and we didn’t see him again.

As always another special day.

Marsh Harrier

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