Sunrise 05.59 Sunset 20.17 BST

A pleasant morning for our first walk of the day, but it turned to heavy rain, so I was glad I went out early!

I have been telling Rod that I don’t see much on my walks these days everything appears to be busy doing things elsewhere and if there are some little birds about they soon disappear. I was thinking the same this morning but it turned out to be very interesting.

My first encounter was on the footbridge over the Stour I was just about to let Kim across when I spotted a deer at the other side, I quickly clipped her lead back on and managed to get a picture of the stag disappearing. My next problem was going over the bridge into Bere Marsh a Male and female Mallard decided to walk in front of us which caused Kim a bit of excitement, eventually they took off. Then we got to the stile to get onto the trailway and a cat was sat there just tempting Kim, in the picture below Kim is watching behind the gate I put her lead on as she came through the stile so she could only stare and the cat stared back!

On my second time around with Lucy we spotted a Heron flying across the river they are very active at the moment, probably feeding young. As I walked back home I went through the Spinney which overlooks the corner of the river, I stopped as I always do to see if there was anything about, I heard a splash and I just manage to spot an Otter in the side of the river, he must have sensed we were there as we didn’t see him again, still I didn’t mind I saw him!

I also saw a Spotted Flycatcher as I walked up the lane, they are summer visitors who arrive in late April. I stopped by the gate where the cows were in the field watching them and the Swallows ducking and diving around the cows, they know where there are cows there are flies. I even had a go at trying to take an image of one, I’m going to have another go when there is better light, perhaps as they are gathering water and mud for their nests.

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