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The weather is still changeable, though not the destructive storms of recent times. The river is always on the borderline of flooding or not. This morning the floods were out across the fields once again. A Heron flew over, they seem to be around again after disappearing for a while.

Archive - Heron on the Stour
Archive – Heron on the Stour

I spotted a small bird at the side of the floods by the spinney of trees, at first glance it looked like a duckling but I soon realised that it was a Little Grebe, not a bird we see around our part of the river very often, I watched him for a while until he realised there was something about and he flew off to the river, they are very nervous of humans. After that I spotted some movement in the floods, hoping to see perhaps an Otter, but I soon realised there were not enough bubbles, then I realised there were a couple of fins coming above the surface of the water, they looked like small sharks patrolling the water, I exaggerate a bit as they weren’t that big. I hope they got back to the river as the floods receded or that the Herons or Egrets didn’t get them, but then they all have to survive.

When we went into town I noticed the Rooks are starting to nest at Durweston bridge, there is a lot of action at the moment and they are certainly very busy squabbling and getting the best spot I think! Spring is on it’s way.

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