Sunrise 08.01 Sunset 16.04

Winter has settled in now although we haven’t had too many cold days, in fact it’s been relatively mild! I am going out for my early morning walk well before sunrise so I usually hear the Tawny owls until the settle down for the day. The Rooks always seem to be busy before I’m out and if I go for a second walk with Lucy the little birds start rummaging about, it’s all about trying to survive now although they are still finding plenty to eat. I filled up my bird feeders with lots of goodies, although they don’t seem to be visiting that often yet.

We’ve had some foggy mornings and Monday there was freezing fog towards Sturminster, we had an appointment early so I couldn’t get out with my camera first thing. The dogs were walked in the dark at 6.30am. When we came back we took a trip up to Okeford Hill but by that time the fog was receding and clouds were coming in. Never mind there will be another time!

Blackmore vale
Blackmore vale from Okeford Hill

We’ve had some glorious sunrises and sunsets and we are making the most of this mild spell, it’s only just over a week to the shortest day!

Sunset on the Stour
Sunset on the Stour

Some exciting news, we have a Hedgehog hibernating in the garden next door, close to our fence. My neighbour Denise discovered him; there was a great big pile of leaves and she wondered why. She covered him down with more leaves and protection and hopefully he’ll survive. I shall worry about him all winter now.

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