Sunrise 06.38 Sunset 19.31

Cloudy day and welcome rain by the evening.

Well the nature watching started at 4am this morning. I woke up and our back light came on, we can look out a velux window over the back garden and there was a hedgehog trundling down to the bottom garden, lovely to see. But then back to sleep for a couple of hours!

My morning walk was all about sounds. It was fairly cloudy but there was a gentle mist coming off the river around dawn. As I was walking over the bridge I heard a Heron in the distance, they sound almost prehistoric. There were two Jays squabbling in the trees. I could also hear a flock of Long-tailed tits peeping in the trees. I only saw one fly across but there were many more!

We had to go to town later shopping and we decided to cross over to the town over the Stour meadows. It makes shopping more enjoyable and after a few minutes scouring the bank there was an Otter, what luck. We stood and watched him for quite sometime he was busy fishing with all that was going on around; people walking dogs and going about there business. I didn’t have my camera but never mind. We also heard the Kingfisher with it’s distinctive call and Rod just caught a glimpse of it.

Then we had to go shopping… 🙁

Archive – Otter taken in Feb 13

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