They say if you want to see wildlife don’t have a dog with you, but this wasn’t the case today as it was Tilly who did the spotting for me once again. I decided on a walk around the perimeter of Child Okeford with Tilly around dawn this morning and as always (mostly any way) I had the camera just in case with a 70-300mm lens on which is useful for wildlife and landscapes.

We walked down a footpath and at the bottom there was an end of a small drainage pipe sticking out of the soil, Tilly stuck her nose in it and I heard a squeak and Tilly jumped out of the way. Of course I couldn’t see anything but I just waited a little while and a little face popped out. I wasn’t sure what it was at first as it soon hid again, I did suspect a Weasel but wasn’t sure.

Who’s about!

I decided to just stay quiet and watch for a while, I know Weasels are curious creatures and sure enough he appeared again and this time he came out a little way which gave me a chance of taking some better pictures. Tilly was doing her best to keep away from the Weasel!

A lovely surprise not an easy subject to photograph in the wild and this is the second time Tilly has pointed one out. The last time was on the Trailway on Shillingstone station last November Close Encounters, so I have been very lucky.

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