A beautiful day, just after the Christmas Bank holiday we decided that we would get out for a few hours. We decided to take a look down RSPB Radipole and RSPB Lodmoor and see what was about. As always we didn’t see what we wanted to see, a quick glimpse of a Marsh Harrier and then he was gone. A Kestrel was about but again too fast for me.

All of the photographs below were taken at Lodmoor, at Radipole there was just the usual Mallards, Cormorants and Swans, we were hoping to see Bearded Tits but it was quite windy so they may have kept low.

There were more species at Lodmoor, many we have seen before but we saw a little Jack Snipe lying low in the reeds which was nice and then a few Sanderlings busily working the mud around the reeds.

Although it was relatively quiet it was non the less enjoyable in the late December sun, better luck next time!

Jack Snipe, left with Shelducks

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