We spent a couple of hours at the RSPB Radipole reserve at Weymouth this week We were hoping to see Bearded Tits but as usual nature is not accommodating. It was very cold but there was still plenty to see, mainly species of Duck also Herons and Cormorants besides others and of course plenty of small birds in the bushes.

The highlight this time for me was managing to take photos of the elusive Cetti’s Warbler, you can hear their call in the reeds but to see them is quite rare and then to take a picture… well I was lucky I saw one disappear in the reeds and I tried to follow it and after a few attempts when I just took the undergrowth I managed to get some pictures. I was really pleased, a plain bird but worth the the perseverance.

Click on the picture for a bigger image.



A gallery of some of the bird life from our visit.

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