We took a trip down to Arne, the main reason was for our friend Judy who has a new camera and wanted to test it out! We were quite happy to go as there is always something to see.

We walked above Shipstal beach and there was some activity in the harbour. There were a couple of Great White Egrets fishing in the marsh by the beach, much bigger than the usual Little Egret.

Oyster Catchers

A flock of Oyster Catchers flew by and then we spotted something in the sea. We realised it was a Seal which was very exciting. He didn’t come too close to us but I did manage to get a picture, such that it is before he headed out in the harbour,


We reached the viewpoint overlooking the marshes and we could see a number of Sika deer on the marshes which included Stags, Hinds and a few youngsters.

Our best sighting of the day was a male Stonechat and a number of fledglings as we walked down towards Shipstal ponds, they were very busy and we only had a short time to see them and take a few pictures.

Sika Deer

Stonechat Fledgling
Stonechat male
Stonechat male

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