I took a trip to Arne on Friday 17th September, it was a glorious morning and it was good to get out for couple of hours. When I got there I walked down to the Raptor hide expecting to sit down for a couple of hours watching whatever comes by. I was a bit disappointed as the hide had been taken down as it was unsafe and there was just a viewing screen, so no leisurely sit down and wait! Any way it was very quiet I saw a number of birds but just too far away for photographs. A Merlin was perched in a tree across the heath, I also saw a couple of Little Egrets, a Stonechat, Moorhens, a Curlew. Most of the birds were in hiding.

I left the viewing screen and had a walk round Coombe Heath again very quiet, before I got back to the car I looked in on the pond to see if there was anything about, plenty of dragonflies zooming around and I was lucky as I met a couple who were interested in the Spiders and were spotting Raft spiders, they are tricky to spot as they blend in well on the pond. i mentioned I would like to see a Wasp spider and the man told me he had seen one on Tuesday and showed me the spot where he had seen one and it was still there! A beautiful spider and I was able to take some pictures of it.

Raft Spider
Raft Spider

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