On Friday 2nd April it was a fairly good morning so I decided to head towards Hambledon Hill going around the bottom rather than over the top. I got to the gate that looks over the newly sown fields towards Shroton Lines and spotted a Hare in the middle of the field. I stayed by the gate as I knew if I entered the field he would soon disappear. I managed to get some images although he was some distance away, not the best as I had to heavily crop them. I was just pleased to see one and hopefully there will be more to enjoy.

Note…select and image for a larger view.

I also saw a Goldcrest in the bushes, he was just to quick for a picture but there was no mistaking that lovely gold crest on his head. There was a Song Thrush singing in the top of the bushes, always lovely to see and hear.

Song Thrush
Song Thrush

As I passed through the churchyard on the way home I noticed some Snake’s Head Fritillaries growing in the Wildflower area, I could resist a picture of this lovely flower.

Snake's Head Fritillary
Snake’s Head Fritillary

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