Sunrise 07.51 Sunset 16.53 GMT

The weather is still wet! The river is still running high, although not as flooded as recent times.

Last evening I went into Blandford for a Camera club meeting it was dry at the time and as I went out of Shillingstone towards Durweston, I was so pleased to see a Barn Owl fly over me. They must be having a hard time, as they don’t fly when it’s wet so it means they don’t feed. I don’t know where it roosts or whether it is a Bere Marsh owl but I now know there is at least one in the area perhaps they will have a better summer… I hope!

Barn Owl with Vole
Archive – Barn Owl with Vole

Spring is beginning to feel as though it is just around the corner, I know we can still have some really bad weather but on my walks I’m noticing subtle differences. Of course there are snowdrops about and also flower buds are coming on the Celandines. The hazel catkins are waving about on the bushes I must look and see if there are any of the tiny red female flowers out on the bushes.

Some of the birds are acting differently, I’m sure their songs are different, more tuneful. I was serenaded round my walk by Robins this morning, all in their own little territory and making sure all knew it!

The Greater spotted Woodpecker has started tapping in an Oak tree down the field, always the same tree every year and always in the spring.

I just wish someone would tell the weather; we could really do with more than one day fine and perhaps a little warmer?

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