Sunrise 07.42 Sunset 16.09 GMT

This must have been the coldest morning we have had this winter. The ground was frozen but this meant a lovely sunrise so I made sure I had my camera with me when I set off with Kim at just before 7am. It’s half light then, the sun doesn’t come over the top of the Hod/Hambledon hills until nearly 8 o’clock now, but when I think about it it’s under a month to the shortest day.

Kim and I had a lovely walk to Shillingstone station and back.

Stour sunrise
Stour sunrise

When I got back from dog walking it was such a lovely morning we decided to walk the Stour meadows in Blandford before doing the weekly shop. There is always plenty of wildlife along this stretch of river even though there are dog walkers and people going backward and forwards across the two footbridges.


As always there is a Robin that poses very close to the camera, if I can’t photograph anything else, there is always a Robin!

Anyway we saw Moorhens, a Kestrel, Grey wagtails and of course the Mallard ducks, seagulls and swans. The kingfishers were also busy it always amazes me that this stretch of river is so rich with wildlife with the town and by-pass close by.

Hovering Kingfisher

I managed to get a picture of a Kingfisher across the other side but when I tried to get closer I slid on the mud, I was lucky not to fall in the river but I had to walk round Tesco’s with a muddy rear!

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