Sunrise 05.31 Sunset 20.41 BST

Changeable weather still but mild. This morning I managed a walk with Kim before it rained. I was just going to take Lucy out when it started raining, she decided she didn’t want to go. I was quite pleased about that as it rained heavily for a couple of hours. It has given the garden a good soak.

I ended up taking the dogs out in the afternoon, it was still damping but very mild, good growing weather. The hedgerows have filled in and everything is looking very green. The farmers are cutting grass for silage now and the road verges are being cut.

It doesn’t matter what time I go out I still have to watch for deer, Kim started getting excited down the lane, I put her on the lead and sure enough there was a deer in the field watching us. The Egret was flying about the river valley and as we approached the bridge a Kingfisher flew across. I noticed that the Mayflies are hatching from the river. 

Archive 2011: May fly
Archive 2011: May fly

I saw a few more wild flowers in bloom:

  • Cranesbill, cut leafed
  • Goose grass (tiny white flowers)
  • Dock
  • Red Clover
I walked up the field with the dogs and the Rabbits were out grazing and my dogs ignored them as did the Rabbit ignore the dogs. I think my Lurcher has retired, or I’m feeding her too much!
As I was walking down the road to home a Sparrowhawk flew across, scattering a few little birds but I don’t think he caught anything that time.

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