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After a wet Christmas night we woke up to a heavy frost. The cars had lovely frost patterns on them where the rain had frozen. Once again changeable weather and they are forecasting storms again tonight and the river is still in flood; I hope it isn’t too bad. Sturminster Bridge is still closed from the floods the other day, they are worried that it has been weakened with all the water coming down.

I took Kim out early once again and we had an uneventful walk around the ‘block’ again as our usual walk is still flooded, even the birds were quiet this morning. I then took Lucy out on the same walk, I always look forward to taking her as she is not so boisterous as Kim being and ‘old lady’! Well that is the theory anyway, we had passed the sheep and one came rushing up baaing at the fence and I gave her a fuss, she had a frozen top-not. Then we went on down to the bottom fields. I was not paying attention, dreaming about something and I looked up and Lucy was in full flight across the fields after a large Fox, I called her but she was off, for some reason she hates foxes! She disappeared into the next field,crossing a stream and fence on the way baying at this fox and then on further she was close to catching it! I spent a worried hour, or was it a few minutes, it certainly seemed longer calling and waiting. I was just about to walk on when I spotted her in the other field. She had trouble getting through back to me, which was different when she went in, but I have to say I was relieved, she is 15-16 years old she should be retired and plodding by now shouldn’t she?

We then went into the field that takes us up to the top and home, blow me if she decided to have a silly session racing around the field at top speed. this dog never ceases to amaze me, long may it continue!!!

Lucy running - Archive
Lucy running – Archive

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