The weather forecast for Thursday 11th November looked promising so Rod and I decided we would head for the New Forest for a few hours. Of course the morning turned out differently than expected, it was foggy on our journey only clearing to dull grey skies as we got to the forest. Which was a shame as I was hoping to get some interesting landscape pictures.

I went for a walk near Bolderwood it was nice and quiet and I spotted a family of Fallow deer moving through a clearing, I was able to find a hidden place to watch and take some pictures of them. There were some hinds and youngsters and a young Stag, probably around a year old with just the start of some antlers. I left them to their day.

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We spent a little time wandering afterwards there was plenty of birdlife about but difficult to identify in the trees.

It was soon time to make our way home and as we were travelling over the open forest I spotted a herd of thirty or more Fallow deer in the distance, luckily there was a lay-by close where we could stop the car. I walked back towards them, although at a distance they were aware I was there. I took some pictures and then walked back to the car so not to spook them too much. There were a couple of Stags with some impressive antlers, although one had one antler snapped off which probably happened during the recent rut.

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