We don’t seem to get Swifts around the village nesting as far as I’ve seen or heard about as they tend to like older tall buildings for their nests, although I’m sure there are suitable places for them in the village.

“The nest is located high up in the roof space under the eaves of old houses and churches where the birds are able to drop into the air from the nest entrance.”
RSPB Swifts Nesting

One of the best places I’ve been to watch Swifts is the centre of Blandford, I think they like the old Georgian houses to nest in, many’s the time I have come out of a Camera club meeting and they are circling overhead, but as the meetings are cancelled for a while I won’t have the pleasure of seeing them.

But I haven’t missed seeing them because on a number of occasions on my early morning walk, in various places; Bere Marsh , Greenway Lane and Hambledon Hill I have looked into the sky and they have been flying around, over thirty at a time often with Martins and Swallows and just as soon as they come in they are gone again but a wonderful sight at the time.


A short video taken on my phone of the Swifts down Greenway lane, I was just taking little Mia for a short walk and it was raining hard so I didn’t have my camera, that’s where the phone comes in handy!

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