It’s now the end of August and the Swallows and Martins have been gathering behind our house for the last few days, a lot of chattering and feeding across the field. I noticed around this time that around 700 Swallows had flown through Portland Bird Observatory on their way south over a couple of days, the migration has started although it has now stalled because of the North Easterly winds.

It’s been great watching them we have seen more this year than a number of previous years which is good.

It’s into the first week of September now, I’ve been having trouble with my computer! I’ve managed to get everything back up and running at last. We are still getting a few Swallows and I’m sure there are plenty more to come through. I’ve noticed it has still been very slow through the Portland Observatory with many of the migratory birds due to weather conditions.

Swallows flying
Swallows the wires

Swallows the wires

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