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At last we have finished our daily trips to Poole and although we will miss our walks through Poole park it will be good to take the dogs for local walks when it is light. There are plenty of birds around at the moment including a Little Egret, Heron, Buzzard, Woodpecker, Kestrel, Cormorant, Bullfinches, Thrush and many more small birds. The weather has turned very cold with frosts forecast for the next few days.

I had a lovely surprise today, I was catching up with few jobs around the house when my friend Judy phoned me asking me if I would like to visit a friends farm and take the pictures as they were in the middle of lambing. An offer I couldn’t refuse!

So we spent a lovely few hours watching all the lambs, there were even some twin boys born while we were there. There were around 200 ewes in different stages some with lambs already and some still waiting. They were all housed in a large barns, just as well with the cold weather coming in.

I really enjoyed watching them and to see a birth was really special. An expectant mother tried to take over the newly born lambs so the mum and her babies had to be moved away to a separate pen. The husband and wife team really looked after all the sheep night and day and the strong lambs and healthy ewes were proof of their dedication.
lambing 01

lambing 02

lambing 03

lambing 04

lambing 05

A few minutes old.
A few minutes old.

lambing 07

lambing 08

lambing 09

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