Sunrise 05.39 Sunset 20.49

Cloudy fresher morning with a threat of showers.

I was woken up at 6am this morning with an alarm which is unusual as I don’t have one! I knew straight away what it was. This time of the year we get the Green Woodpeckers – Picus viridis, coming down to feed off the ants that seem to be in abundance on the mown grass in front of our house. It has a familiar loud laughing call. I quickly got out of bed and went downstairs for my camera and then took a few pictures from the bedroom window, through glass as I knew I would disturb him if I tried to open it further.

Then it was off for our usual early morning walk. There was a lot of crashing and banging in a hazel tree in the little spinney at the end of Greenway lane, when I went into the field a Buzzard flew up from there so I assume it was him making all the noise. One day I hope to be quick enough to get a picture!

There were quite a few Martins & Swallows gathering on the telegraph wires on Bere Marsh which made me think within a month they will be returning to Africa once again, it seems such a short while when we were looking forward to their arrival, where does the time go?

Green Woodpecker
Green Woodpecker

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