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What a glorious week, although the mornings have been frosty and some days a little chilly it’s been really nice. Of course I’ve been busy in garden and have been out mainly in the mornings. I’m sitting in the conservatory now and it’s raining very hard, it was forecast, I just hope it doesn’t keep going now.

It’s been fairly quiet still lots of birds about but they are busy going about their job of mating and nest building! There have been deer about, but not quite so prominent, although one morning we just got in the lane and there was two Roe deer watching us, luckily Kim was still on her lead and Lucy as always was rummaging!

Watching us!
Watching us!

There have been plenty of Herons and Egrets about probably coming from the Heronry. I saw a couple of Rooks bombarding a Heron yesterday, they are not afraid of anything and usually win which they did this time and the Heron disappeared.

A few more flowers out this week, Comfrey, Ground Ivy and the Buttercups are just coming out in the meadows. Many of the trees are flowering including the Oak, which is early, I think and there is a lovely Crab Apple tree in bloom with it’s white flowers tinged with pink which brightens the hedgerow. The Blackthorn is still flowering and in one sheltered spot it is a mass of white, you can’t see the bush, how can one scruffy bush be so beautiful?

Blackthorn flowers
Blackthorn flowers

The cows have been let out to pasture, I was in my upstairs window looking over the fields when the farmer brought them down. They are mainly British White cows and their Calves. Although the cows are small they are quite bulky. I spent a while watching the mum’s frisking about enjoying the grass after being stuck in a barn and concrete yard for the winter. You could see they were happy! Like us all I’m sure they were glad to see the back of the winter.

This morning coming back from my walk with Lucy I noticed some Goldfinches in the hedge, there seems to be a few around at the moment as there are more Thrushes about I’m pleased to say. As I was walking up the lane a Wren was singing in full voice and view on the hedge, a wonderful sound and sight. Then a pair of Bullfinches were flitting from hedge to path in front of me as I walked up the lane; another welcome sight.

The leaves are coming out well and the colours are fresh and you see so many variations of green, beautiful. Something I’ve never taken notice of before is the new leaves on the Poplar trees they are a bronze colour and stand out in all the green at the moment.

Young Poplar leaves
Young Poplar leaves

The Swallows are drifting in I see more of them each day on the meadows but I haven’t heard the Cuckoo yet, I hope to very soon!  The Buzzards have been enjoying the nice weather most days we see them soaring above us, I’m sure they are just enjoying the flying! The Blackbird is still around the garden but not singing quite so much the little Dunnock appears to have taken his place singing on the Hazel bush, he also has a lovely tune.

Archive: Dunnock - Hedge sparrow
Archive: Dunnock – Hedge Sparrow


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