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Well I’m still trying to catch up! Another busy week but at least I can get out early with the dogs and the weather has settled nicely so we have had some nice mornings with a little mist and quite chilly.

Everything is growing fast now, the meadows are really thick, if this continues I’m sure they will be cutting silage early this year, a bit different from last year when things were very late.

We are seeing swallows most days now and I’m listening for the first Cuckoo, he usually appears mid April.

There are plenty of flowers around where I walk and I’ve listed the ones I can remember seeing this week and I’m sure I’ve missed a few!

  • Celandines
  • Cuckoo flower
  • Wild Garlic
  • Bluebells
  • Red Campion
  • Cuckoo Pint
  • White Dead Nettle
  • Cow Parsley
  • Primrose
  • Marsh Marigold
  • Blackthorn
  • Wild Cherry blossom
  • Germander Speedwell
  • Dandelion
  • Red Dead Nettle
  • Cowslips
  • Stitchwort
  • Daisies
I walked up to New Cross again this morning it is lovely at this time of year and plenty happening. There was a Roe buck and Doe deer by the trailway they were very nervous and soon disappeared.
Hambledon hill from New Cross this am.
Hambledon hill from New Cross this am.
It was a little misty but I could see lots of action in the Heronry. There were a number of Herons and Egrets flying off to feed and returning with plenty of noise as they got back to their mates. Even though the leaves are not on the trees yet it is quite difficult to see many nests.
Heron & Egret above the Heronry
Heron & Egret above the Heronry
The Skylarks were there again, there was a pair squabbling but others singing above the young corn, quite difficult to spot but I managed to get a picture of one although a little grainy.

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