I’d spent the morning working in my garden on 1st March, it was such a lovely day I decided that I would go for a walk after lunch with Tilly heading towards Hambledon Hill. I knew the views wouldn’t be clear as there was a haze in the distance but it didn’t matter as I was going to look for wildlife; it’s always nice to be up there whatever the weather.

I was surprised how quiet it was there were one or two birds about but not easy to see. A couple of Ravens flew over quite high as did a Buzzard enjoying the thermals, I suspect.

When I got to the very top I spotted a Skylark some distance away; I had already heard them singing high in the sky as I walked up to the top of the hill. They are not easy to spot even in the short grass, it was only when one moved that I could follow them. I had my 100-400mm lens with a 1.4 teleconverter on so I was able to watch and photograph the birds without disturbing them as they went about their business.

It was nice to spend sometime just watching them and I noticed quite a few already in pairs. I just managed to get a picture of one as he rose into the sky. it was worth climbing up there just to be close to these lovely birds for a while.