After the rain in the morning of Wednesday 11th May Rod and I set out for a couple of days in the camper van. The first time we had been away since the COVID restrictions. As we headed for Somerset the weather started to clear, it stayed dry if little breezy and fairly bright for the time were there.

We spent the evening looking and having a wander in the evening light before settling down for the night. It was warm evening and the Dragonflies and Damsels were very active along the paths, mainly Four-Spotted Chasers. We saw a few birds flying before we made our way to the van that night and we were looking forward to the next full day.

I got up around dawn and left Rod and the dogs in the van and headed out, it was a lovely morning and I enjoyed the relative peace and quiet of the Levels with only the birdsong for company. It was nice to see a Roe doe in the early morning light and a pair of Great Crested Grebes. I managed to get some images of Reed Warblers as during the day they are hidden in the reeds much of the time!

After breakfast Rod’s niece joined us for the day and as a keen birdwatcher it was good to have a spotter as well as myself keeping my eyes peeled for the birds as we headed out onto the reserve. We also spent sometime in the Avalon Hide and were lucky to see Bittern in flight and Marsh Harriers who were very active. We were also pleased to see some Great Crested Grebe families, so nice to watch the family group, some of the young riding on the adults back while the partner brings in fish, how those little birds manage to swallow them I don’t know! We also saw a group of three Glossy Ibis flying, I just managed to get a picture of one, they certainly seem to be increasing in numbers. It really was  busy and Elaine recorded around 40 species spotted just on the  Ham Wall reserve while we were there. 

After lunch we decided to visit the Catcott reserve, we went into the hide and for a while it appeared very quiet just a few birds milling around but we had a really great couple of hours. We watched Lapwings seeing off an Egret probably too near their nest, he eventually did go. Greylag and Canada geese families and a very distant Crane flying over, I wasn’t sure at first but the camera picked it up, one of the reintroductions I would think, hopefully see one closer one day. There were a number of Stonechats busy in the reeds and we noticed some fledglings near the hide.

We stayed another night at Edington a little distant from Ham Wall, the early morning wasn’t so good so I stayed in bed a little longer, we went back to Ham wall for a couple of hours before heading home. We really enjoyed ourselves it was so busy with all the wildlife, no doubt we shall be back soon!

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