I took a trip to RSPB Ham Wall on Wednesday 15th September. A friend wanted to meet and what a better place for a couple of hours photography than Ham Wall. Angela wanted to meet at 10 o’clock so decided I would get there early around 7am before meeting her to catch the dawn. Mist was forecast and I was hoping to get some atmospheric images of Glastonbury Tor across the reserve. It was not to be as the mist was more like fog and no Tor seen! So, a change of plan although it wasn’t a problem, I walked down to the Tor hide and spent a couple of hours just relaxing and hoping something interesting would come along. As I was walking to the hide a Heron was standing sentinel on the path to the hide, I don’t know who was more surprised! In the hide I took some images of the birds straight towards the filtered sun giving me some nice, silhouetted pictures. There was a bit of activity, but I was hoping to see some bigger birds, perhaps a Bittern, perhaps another time.

There was still plenty about as you can see from the images below. I heard a flock of Geese honking before I saw them, I expected Canada Geese but soon realised when they came into view, they were Greylags, there must have been around 50 of them quite a sight! I stayed for a couple of hours, I saw a few different duck species, I could hear the Cettis Warbler which I saw for a few seconds but not too much else. I slowly made my way back to the car park spotting a Wren and a female Blackcap on the way.

I met Angela at 10 o’clock and we decided to head for the Avalon hide and spend some time there. It was quiet in the hide so we could relax for a while. Some action on the water with Great Crested Grebes and young. For the first time I saw a Grebe fly! There was a Great White Egret who stayed for much of the time, and it gave us plenty of photography practice as it moved around the water. We were lucky to see one female Marsh Harrier who flew across the hide. A single Lapwing flew across and then a small bird flew into the reeds and stayed there. I just managed to get an image before he disappeared, and I found out later it was a Snipe.

We walked back to the Tor hide but by then it was quite busy and as it was now a warm afternoon there wasn’t so much about. On the way back from the hide we saw a photographer taking a picture of something in the side of the path, he beckoned us on, and it was a juvenile Cettis Warbler who was quite unaware of all the interest he was causing, there was several of us enjoying watching him as he rummaged in the undergrowth. We all hoped he would learn to be a little more wary in the future! 

There were still plenty of Butterflies about and Dragonflies, I was pleased to see a Black Tailed Skimmer for the first time.

It was a good day considering the time of year and we both went home quite happily mid-afternoon.

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