Into August, this year is certainly flying by! It is still very dry, although there was a little rain one night the gardens and countryside is still parched.

I some how managed two visits to Arne in a week!

The first was because I had to go to Wareham to take some pictures that I had entered in the annual Dorset Arts and Crafts exhibition, so I was close by and couldn’t resist a visit! It was around mid morning  and I didn’t linger long and didn’t see very much except a large Toad sitting on the path, he was quite obliging and allowed me to take a couple of pictures of him.

The second visit on Wednesday was an organised Osprey walk by the RSPB which started at 7am. We were hoping that we might see some close views of the birds in Poole harbour but it wasn’t to be, although there were two youngsters perched in distant trees so no pictures. Having said that it was interesting talking to the rangers about the Ospreys and the conservation work going on by Birds of Poole Harbour [Link],  Scottish charity the ‘The Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation’ and local Poole based-business ‘Wildlife Wondows’.

As always when I visit Arne I see something I’m either not looking for or something completely different as happened on our Osprey walk. I would not have seen the moths or the Hoverfly if it wasn’t for one of the rangers.

The Saltmarsh Plume moths were at the side of the Middlebere channel in an area where the public hasn’t access. they were on a clump of Sea Lavender, a strange looking moth and very small and apparently quite rare. The ranger said that too many Sika deer at Arne threatens their habitat.

The other insect was a Hornet Robber fly [Link] which is said to be our largest fly and again an endangered species.

Saltmarsh Plume Moth
Mating Saltmarsh Plume Moths
Hornet Robber fly
Hornet Robber fly

We also saw a Hobby across the heath which was a bonus.


The couple of hours on the heath was rewarded by a full English breakfast in the RSPB cafe, so a great morning. A visit again to Arne in the near future is on the cards as Birds of Poole harbour are releasing Osprey fledglings so there may be chance of seeing more.

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