Sunrise 07:45 Sunset 18:01 BST

We were on our usual walk this morning although a little later now with the shortening days. We were crossing the footbridge from Child Okeford to Shillingstone at around 7.40am when I spotted an Otter below swimming downstream. She went towards a Willow tree covering the bank and turned and then looked towards us with her tail and head above the water for what seemed ages but was probably seconds. She must have caught our scent and disappeared under the water. The last sighting I had was back in July on our stretch of the river so I was really pleased. I did try and take a picture with my iPhone 4s but all I got was a blur. I must start carrying my camera again I might have at least got a shape! It has been so grey and dark in the mornings that I haven’t bothered, silly me!

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