On the 11th of April I decided to walk towards Berre Marsh, it was half light when I reached the footbridge over the Stour to Bere Marsh. I always go onto the bridge quietly hoping to see something and this morning I thought I saw something shaped like and Otter head! I stopped and within seconds the Otter disappeared under the water with the flip of his tail, so it was an Otter, a smallish female I would say. I was not wrong with my sighting and really chuffed to see it, the first I have seen there for some time although I have heard some splashes into the water which could have been one but this was a definite sighting! I tried to see if there was any bubbles on the surface to follow her but no luck.

No picture as she was gone in a flash but so enjoyed seeing her.

Otter on the Stour (archive image)
Otter on the Stour (archive image)

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