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I have to look at the positives of the darker mornings, no chance for photography but I’m seeing another side to the wildlife on my early morning walk with Kim. Lucy has decided it’s to early for an old lady of 17 so she is excused! I could hear a Tawny Owl close by as we left the house, there are quite a few around the village, we hear them calling most nights. Any way this morning I realised the Tawny was in the Oak trees close to home I quickly walked down that way and could still hear him hooting and then he flew from the tree so I saw him even though it was just a silhouette. We have also been lucky to see the Barn Owl quite frequently before dawn as it has a last look around before it roosts for the day.

Last night at around 1.45am Kim come upstairs to us, a little unusual, any way I took her down to let her out only to find she was telling me there was a Hedgehog on the lawn. She went up to it and gently touched it. It looked healthy but I am worried that it is not hibernating. The weather is very mild so they must be confused. Anyway I left some mealworms on the patio and they were gone by the morning. I just hope it will be OK. We saw a few in the depths of the winter last year around and about, again it was mild at times.

We are also seeing a Kestrel around and about I’m hoping to get a picture once the daylight improves.

We had a trip to Durlston Head near Swanage the other day it was very rough but beautiful, we were hoping to see some wildlife but I think most of the birds were keeping close to the cliffs. We saw plenty of Rooks or maybe Ravens and Pigeons and of course Gulls I did manage to get a picture of a Black Backed Gull and then some Guillemots were flying close to the surface of the water. A place to return to as you have great views of the cliffs.

Black Backed Gull

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