A bit of armchair nature watching this week. We noticed Blue Tits gathering hair from our dog Tilly off the lawn so I decided to give her a comb and popped the hair into the Clematis outside our Conservatory which meant we could watch what was going on.

A pair off Blue Tits were the first to take advantage and they were determined to get as much in their beaks as possible and then fly across to the next garden to line their nest, it must be very cosy with the hair they have taken. Poor old Tilly got used to be groomed a few times a day for a little while.

Our resident flock of House Sparrows also took advantage of the hair but not trying to carry as much as the Blue Tits.

A big surprise was when a pair of Goldfinches came in, they don’t come in to our garden too often but they certainly took advantage of the hair for nesting. It was great for us as we were close to them and I was able to take pictures through the windows of the Conservatory without disturbing them in their work.

The Blackbirds are well on their way with feeding their first brood.

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