After the excitement of my village walk on 23rd December the time or weather has prevented me from getting out. Boxing Day was a washout with rain all day and night and of course this brought the floods on the Stour up again on Friday and Saturday. Fed up with wading through muddy paths on Saturday I went down the Trailway and took Tilly for a walk along there in the morning.

Of course it was still dark as we made our way from the car park as dawn is not until 8.12am for now and doesn’t start going back until Saturday 3rd January (although the nights are getting lighter!) and then only by a minute! Any way as we were walking towards Bere Marsh I just spotted the Barn Owl as he flew across the hedge into another field, of course where he normally hunts I can usually watch him, but it was flooded, so he had to move away from one of his usual hunting grounds.

As we made our way up the Trailway we could hear plenty of birds singing, although difficult to see. We got to the end field by the Hammoon road and spotted three Roe Deer grazing, they knew we were there  but we didn’t bother them.

Roe Deer
Roe Deer before Dawn

On the way back again there was plenty of birdlife in the trees by the Trailway, I did spot a Buzzard by the burial ground, he didn’t stay around too long once he spotted us.

A couple of pictures of the floods, they had receded slightly from Friday but still high and it was quite misty over the hills.

Towards the Stour and Milham island
Towards the Stour and Milham island
Hayward's bridge
Hayward’s bridge

I did see a flock of Redwings on the way back again they don’t hang around when humans are about!


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