Sunrise 08:05 Sunset 16:33 GMT

I’m still finding it hard to get out an about for local walks especially in the morning without my lovely Kim and I am feeling as though I am missing out on all the things I usually see around dawn. Hopefully the motivation will come back once the days get lighter and not so grey! Having said that I have been on a few local walks during the day.

One day I walked across to Hammoon Harbour and back via the North Dorset Trailway, it was grey so not much picture taking although I did notice some possible landscape images when the light is right. When I got onto the trailway I noticed what I thought was clumps of grass at the top of the field, when I looked with my camera I saw it was at least eight Roe Deer in the grass relaxing!

One morning I looked outside, it was still quite dark I spotted a Fox goung across the field at the back of our house. He snuffled around looking for food for a while so I was able to take a few pictures of him.

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