The weather was good in the middle of the week and Rod, my husband packed me off to Arne again! He said that the Ospreys wouldn’t be about too long and the weather forecast was deteriorating towards the weekend.

I walked to the Raptor hide again and there was a RSPB volunteer hoping to spot the Ospreys, she said there was some action earlier but it had gone quiet. We didn’t have to wait long and for the rest of my time at the hide there was something happening all the time!

Someone Tweeted from the Middlebere hide saying there were Ospreys around and before long they headed towards us and there were three in the air. What an amazing sight watching them fly around to together until they slowly moved back to the Middlebere channel where we were informed through Twitter there were now four.

Three Ospreys enjoying the thermals
Osprey in flight

After that there were sightings of a couple of Opspreys perched in the trees some distance away until they moved towards the Middlebere channel again. They disappeared and then out the corner of my eye I saw an Osprey dive into the channel and bring out a fish! Luckily it headed towards us with the fish, a very large Grey Mullet, it circled the man made platform and then landed there to eat the fish. Shortly afterwards another Osprey came along and tried to worry the Osprey on the platform but it held on to the fish and his place.

Osprey with Grey Mullet
Osprey landing on the man made platform
Another Osprey trying to steel the fish

After a little while another Osprey carried a fish back to the dead trees across the Marsh, it struggled a little to keep his balance and eat the fish. I left shortly afterwards after a wonderful morning.

Of course in between the action there was things happening closer to the hide a Grey Heron tried to get in on the action and flew down to the pond in front of us. Also it was nice to have a glimpse of the Kingfisher when it perched on a stick by the pond for a short time.

Grey Heron trying to attract attention!
Grey Heron in flight

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