I was up just after 5am on 11th May, I had plans to travel a little further  than my usual from home walks, although not too far away, on the downs to see if I could get closer to some Hares, of course taking Tilly with me, (such a great companion as she makes no noise and isn’t interested in them!). The sun was just coming over the top of the hills as I headed towards them in the car.

I was really lucky to see quite a number in various locations. Mixed weather with sun, fog and cloudy as you will probably see in the images,  but thankfully not so cold as before.

I enjoyed watching and photographing them for sometime and then decided to take Tilly for a walk in the woods close by. It was very quiet with no one about, the footpath borders the woods on one side and fields on the other side before going into the depth of the woodland. I didn’t expect to see Hares but there they were in a nicer location and I got a little closer, one in particular was sleeping in the stubble and I didn’t see him at first, I was looking at others in the distance.

I left them and went into the woods, I was hoping to see Bluebells and there were still plenty although well in flower and the woodland was starting to take over them with Ferns and Dog’s Mercury and of course the canopy of leaves. There was always sounds of Roe deer barking in the distance and the birds singing although not showing themselves. On the way back the Hares were still there and three Roe deer, who soon disappeared into the woods. The Hares stayed around and I managed a few more photos. A really lovely morning and Tilly and we were home for breakfast around 7.30am ready to start our day!

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