Sunrise 08.11 Sunset 16.12 GMT

The final few days of 2013 remain changeable, no real sign of a cold winter at the moment. Yesterday was a beautiful day, we woke up to blue skies and a white frost and it remained like that for the day but it was not to last as promised during the evening the winds returned and the heavy rain for the night until mid morning and then for the rest of the day sunshine and a little cloud!

The birds are very active at the moment and yesterday we spotted a pair of Moorhens on the corner of the river at the bottom of the lane. Now the floods have receded a little they are back in their usual spot, they are very nervous and as soon as they spot you they disappear into the bank. I also spotted a Treecreeper out the corner of my eye climbing up an Alder tree, they can move up and around the tree trunk at amazing speed and agility.

Treecreeper – Archive

This morning after the rain had stopped we walked down the lane to the bottom fields, there were large pools of water lying in the field and wading through the water were at least 15 Little Egrets taking advantage no doubt of the food available in the pools. there were also a number of Magpies, at least 8 pecking around the sides of the water.

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