Sunrise 06.04 Sunset 16.28 GMT

Just when you think spring is hear nature knocks you back. We were told by the weather forecaster on the TV today that last night was the coldest of the winter at around -4C. It was a beautiful morning and Rod and I went out with the dogs fairly early, the frost was on the ground and the sun was shinning.

The little birds were singing away in the hedgerows, just glad to have survived the night I would think. As we were walking down the lane I spotted movement out of the corner of my eye. I managed to get hold of Kim and said to Rod to get Lucy. It was lucky I did as three deer crossed the lane below us.

We went into the little woodland at the bottom of the lane and I notice a lot of movement in the river. We crept along the path and sure enough there was an Otter tucked in the bank. It put his feet on a overhanging branch and it looked as though he was looking at me. I kept very still and he slipped into the water and swam downstream. It was really nice to see one once again, hopefully there will be plenty of more encounters in the following months.

Otter from archives

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