Sunrise 07:28 Sunset 16:20

We are well into November and still the weather is very mild and wet at times. The Stour is still running well but it hasn’t flooded again since earlier in the month. I’m taking my walks with the dogs before dawn now and it has been very grey at times not too much bright weather although the rumblings from the weather forecasters say it’s all going to change at the end of the week!

There are a few flocks of Fieldfares about Bere Marsh Farm and the Cormorants are back patrolling the river. The Heron has been in the fields away from the river as has the Kingfisher who has been flying upstream of the little stream that feeds the Stour. We met a Fox yesterday morning he soon slipped away into the woodland as did a Roe deer they are getting closer to the village again.I have heard that there is a Barn Owl on the farm hopefully he will survive the winter. I’m starting to feed the birds in the garden, we have a few starting to come in mainly Blackbirds, Dunnocks, Blue Tits, Robins and also I spotted a Blackcap this morning. I’m hoping they will get used to it and I can set up my camera for a few pictures.

I found the Oak leaf below along the trailway, interesting looking galls on it. I looked them up and they could be Cherry galls which I believe have eggs inside of the Cherry Gall wasp.

Oak leaf galls
Oak leaf galls

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