Sunrise 06:13 Sunset 20:08 BST

The sun is now rising about the same time as I get up in the morning and the nights are creeping in. Still plenty to look forward to out walking although the weather is very changeable.  I think autumn has already arrived with heavy rainfall, the Stour  isrising although not flooded as yet. I do hope we get some better days soon.

Last weekend my friend and I went over to Stourton Caundle looking for the wild Fallow Deer that frequent the woods and farmland, we spotted one in thick woodland but it soon disappeared so I went butterfly spotting instead! There were Common blues and Silver Washed Fritillaries and one I had to identify when I got home which I believe to be a Holly Blue butterfly.

Common Blue
Common Blue Butterfly
Silver Washed Fritillary
Holly Blue
Holly Blue Butterfly

The wildlife is still around although on the morning walks but not so busy. The Buzzard below was drying out himself after a night of rains.


One morning as I was coming through the spinney I noticed tail go across the gate. I thought was a dog but when I got into the field I saw a lovely looking Fox crossing over towards Millham Island, he had something in his mouth I thought it was a rabbit until I got home looked at the image and saw it was a Grey Squirrel. Not a good image but I didn’t have time to look at my settings, just a record of seeing the Fox!


We are still seeing the Roe deer in the usual field although mum and the two babies are usually farther away but the doe below is curious of us standing there and comes a little closer to see what we are but any slight movement and she is gone.

Roe Deer3

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