Sunrise 06:00 Sunset 20:25 BST

I’m out before the sunrise now, the nights are also drawing in towards autumn. The fruits are beginning to ripen and the harvest is well on the way to being completed. The weather has been behaving itself and at times it has been very hot. The wildlife has kept a low profile in the heat, even in the mornings it appears to be very quiet.

Of course with the fields now cut I am seeing the Roe deer in the fields particularly on my morning walk. I spotted a mum and baby one morning.

Roe Deer doe
Roe Deer doe
Roe-Deer doe
Roe Deer doe
Roe Deer buck, just two bumps for antlers , a young one perhaps.

We have been walking in the cool of the evening with Kim hoping to see some wildlife, a quick glimpse of a Kingfisher on the river and a few birds around, the Swallows and Martins suddenly appear and then they are gone again, We also hear the Buzzards in the distance.

One evening a Heron flew into a tree by the river but soon flew away when we got closer.


Our Hedgehogs are still visiting and in the film below there is an interloper, a small mouse. We haven’t seen one for a while it wasn’t phased by the Hedgehogs.

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