I wanted to get up for this eclipse although it was in the early hours. I put my alarm on but I managed to wake up, a bit of a struggle getting out of bed, but I made it. It was worth the wait and I had our usual hedgehog and a young one keeping me company where I was taking photos, I stood still and they happily fed and then scurried off down the garden. That was worth it without the eclipse.

The rare supermoon lunar eclipse began at 01.10am (BST). This eclipse had not occurred since 1982 and will not be repeated until 2033. The skies were clear, our street and back garden is very dark so I didn’t have to travel too far and there was even time for a cup of tea! I didn’t expect the colour so be so red as the eclipse progressed.

I found it quite difficult getting a good image but in the end I managed to get a record of this fantastic night.


eclipse 5
02.46 AM
eclipse 1
eclipse 4
eclipse 2
eclipse 3

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