After a mild Christmas the weather has turned decidedly chilly. Our world has been turned upside down as the Thursday before Christmas I took our lovely Kim for our usual walk in the morning and very sadly she collapsed and passed away at the vets with a suspected heart attack. Both Rod and I are devastated and I’ve lost my walking mate so it’s been hard to get out again but I have to and try and remember all the good times.

I went for a walk when it was frosty, round Netmead field close to home, Kim and I didn’t go that way much but it was still upsetting for me. It was a lovely morning although the banks of the Stour were weedy and not that accessible.

The Buzzards are still visiting the field below our garden and at times we have had a small flock of Fieldfares passing through. The birds in the garden have been active and we now have a pair of very bossy Pied Wagtails besides all the others. The Robins and Blackbirds are waiting to be fed in the morning!

We put a little meat in the field and I put my camera out, I’d seen a Fox passing through just as it’s getting light, anyway we were pleased that the camera just caught a glimpse of the Fox the other evening.

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