The weather has settled into grey and mild so not so interesting for photography at the moment. It is also dark when I go out first thing with sunrise now at past 8 o’clock.

Having said that there is still plenty of interesting things to see around home. The Egrets are fishing the stream at the bottom of the lane, often three are there in the mornings. There are Goldcrests in the spinney, we can watch them flitting in the trees they don’t seem to be particularly bothered by us watching them. There is a flock of Fieldfares in the field at the back of the house.

I see the Barn Owl most mornings doing his final run before he roosts for the day. I spotted this owl pellet on a gate post near where he flies. I could see bits of bone and things in the pellet.


One morning when I was walking up the lane towards home a Sparrowhawk flew across the top of me through the tunnel of hedging with something in his talons, it looked like a Blackbird.

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