We are certainly getting a lot of Hedgehog action in our garden at the moment I’ve been putting my Trail camera out some nights and there is a constant stream of Hogs all through the night. I know we have three visiting as I’ve caught them on camera but I suspect there are at least two more, so hard to tell them apart!

After them refusing the food early on they are now eating everything I put in front of them, I use the Spikes moist and now I’m putting out some dried Hedgehog food as well and by the morning everything has disappeared, I’ve seen cats pass by or sniff the food and they are not interested and the only other animal I’ve seen a mouse.

They are very feisty with one another as you can see in the videos, I can’t always tell if they are males or females. They all look very healthy and I am happy to supplement their food especially with the cold weather we are having, I don’t know if they are managing to find plenty around the gardens yet.



2 thoughts on “Hedgehogs

  1. Fantastic film, Marilyn; do you think we re seeing courting or competition? Or requests for more?

  2. Thank you, I”m still trying to work it out myself! I think it’s a bit of both. I’m not sure if the female s receptive at the moment but I’m no expert, there is a lot of posturing.

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