We have had Hedgehogs visiting our garden from early spring and through September and they are still coming now as the colder weather with rain has come. We are not sure how many visit our garden as it’s difficult to distinguish them apart! I know we have a rather large Male and I mean large, it’s a wonder he can get in the feeding station we have for them, then there are some medium sized Hogs and we do see a small one come in.

They are getting earlier as the nights are drawing in and I have to remember to put the food out before dark. I’ve decided mine are very fussy Hedgehogs I’ve tried meaty wet cat food, dry meaty cat food the same with dog food, not interested! Dry specially produced for hedgehogs but they tend to chuck it out the dish to get to the moist Hedgehog food! I’ve decided it’s more cost effective to just buy the moist, which of course is more expensive, as by the morning every bit is gone and there is no dry biscuits getting wet on the driveway! Note:But they are worth it!

The video is a short selection of Hedgehog movement in September, they come in early and are moving about until dawn. I don’t know how long they will be feeding but I’ll put some food out until it’s left for a few nights. We had them coming in and out all through the winter one year, but who knows what this winter will bring!

2 thoughts on “Hedgehogs September

  1. Marilyn

    Very interesting re their food preferences. We have had (knowingly) hedgehogs for the first time this year, and have been feeding them cheap cat food or dried cat food, which they have been eating happily up until the last ten days, when they are spurning both. It looks like familiarity is breeding contempt. So it looks like we’ll have to do the same as you and buy the good stuff! When from experience do they go into hibernation. I don’t want to buy lots of food only to find they ‘ve gone into hibernation.

    1. It could be any time from now Jack, last year they just suddenly stopped coming if the weather gets colder they will go but they do still rummage over the winter as I understand they don’t truly hibernate! You can by a small packet of Spikes semi-moist food and l’m sure it would keep until early spring. Double shift tonight all the food gone by nine another lot put out, l’m going to have to get a mortgage!

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